López García, María de las Nieves Autor

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Assessing the impact of COVID‐19 pandemic on the stock and commodity markets performance and sustainability: A comparative analysis of south asian countries

  • Ahmed F.
  • Syed A.A.
  • Kamal M.A.
  • López‐garcía M.d.l.N.
  • Ramos‐requena J.P.
  • Gupta S.

Sustainability (Switzerland) - 2/5/2021


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Cash flow management and its effect on firm performance: Empirical evidence on non-financial firms of China

  • Fahmida Laghari
  • Chenguel Mohamed Bechir
  • Farhan Ahmed
  • María de las Nieves López García

PLOS ONE - 20/06/2023


Open Access

Volatility co-movement in stock markets

  • María Nieves López-García
  • Miguel Angel Sánchez-Granero
  • Juan Evangelista Trinidad-Segovia
  • Antonio Manuel Puertas
  • Francisco Javier De las Nieves

Mathematics - 2/3/2021


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Extending the Fama and French model with a long term memory factor

  • M.N. López-García
  • J.E. Trinidad-Segovia
  • M.A. Sánchez-Granero
  • I. Pouchkarev



Número de citas: 10 (Web of Science) 10 (Scopus)

On the sensibility of the Pairs Trading strategy: The case of the FTS stock market index

  • Fernández-Pérez A.
  • López-García M.N.
  • Ramos-Requena J.P.

Estudios de Economia Aplicada - 1/1/2020


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Open Access

A new look on financial markets co-movement through cooperative dynamics in many-body physics

  • María Nieves López-García
  • M.A. Sanchez-Granero
  • Juan E. Trinidad-Segovia
  • Antonio Manuel Puertas López
  • Francisco Javier de las Nieves López

Entropy - 1/9/2020


Número de citas: 6 (Web of Science) 7 (Scopus)
Open Access

A Cooperative Dynamic Approach to Pairs Trading

  • Ramos-Requena J.P.
  • López-García M.N.
  • Sánchez-Granero M.A.
  • Trinidad-Segovia J.E.

Complexity - 1/1/2021


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