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Data-driven profiles of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder using objective and ecological measures of attention, distractibility, and hyperactivity

  • Pilar Fernández-Martín
  • Rocío Rodríguez-Herrera
  • Rosa Cánovas
  • Unai Díaz-Orueta
  • Alma Martínez de Salazar
  • Pilar Flores

European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - 1/5/2024


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Decision-making and frontoparietal resting-state functional connectivity among impulsive-compulsive diagnoses. Insights from a Bayesian approach

  • J.J. León
  • P. Fernández-Martin
  • A. González-Rodríguez
  • R. Rodríguez-Herrera
  • J. García-Pinteño
  • C. Pérez-Fernández
  • A. Sánchez-Kuhn
  • L. Amaya-Pascasio
  • M. Soto-Ontoso
  • P. Martínez-Sánchez
  • F. Sánchez-Santed
  • P. Flores
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Addictive Behaviors - 1/8/2023


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Neuromodulation of Executive Dysfunction in Patients with Acute Stroke Using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: Study Protocol for a Triple-Blind, Randomized Sham-Controlled Trial

  • Amaya-Pascasio, Laura
  • Garcia-Pinteno, Jose
  • Sanchez-Kuhn, Ana
  • Sanchez, Cristina Uceda
  • Fernandez-Martin, Pilar
  • Domene, Jose Juan Leon
  • Rodriguez-Herrera, Rocio
  • Flores, Pilar
  • Martinez-Sanchez, Patricia
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Cerebrovascular Diseases - 20/7/2023


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