Vázquez Flores, Erika Estefanía Author

Minorities in Mexico: stereotypes, threat, discrimination, and contact toward indigenous Mexicans, US immigrants, and Honduran immigrants

  • Erika Vázquez-Flores
  • Marisol Navas
  • Lucía López-Rodríguez
  • Alexandra Vázquez

Current Psychology - 1/3/2024


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Getting closer to the minority culture: Experimental evidence of cultural enrichment to increase attributions of morality and majority adoption of Moroccan cultural patterns

  • Erika Vázquez-Flores
  • Lucía López-Rodríguez
  • Marisol Navas
  • Firdaws Boughaba

International Journal of Intercultural Relations - 1/09/2023


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Percepciones y tendencias comportamentales de mexicanos hacia migrantes hondureños

  • Vázquez Flores, Erika Estefanía


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