Hernández Maqueda, Rafael Author

Ecological intensification strategies increase abundance of denitrifying functional genes in a greenhouse agricultural soil

  • R. Hernández Maqueda
  • I. Ballesteros
  • D. Meca
  • R. Linacero
  • F. del Moral

Applied Soil Ecology - 1/7/2024


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Enhancing Root Distribution, Nitrogen, and Water Use Efficiency in Greenhouse Tomato Crops Using Nanobubbles

  • Fernando del Moral Torres
  • Rafael Hernández Maqueda
  • David Erik Meca Abad

Horticulturae - 1/5/2024


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Insights into the abundance, expression and diversity of key denitrification genes in an ecologically managed greenhouse agricultural soil

  • Hernández Maqueda R.
  • Ballesteros I.
  • Meca D.
  • Linacero R.
  • del Moral F.

Applied Biological Chemistry - 1/12/2024


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Traditional knowledge and use of plants as agricultural insecticides from a gender perspective in three rural communities of the Ecuadorian Andes

  • Cando D.P.
  • Maqueda R.H.

Ethnobotany Research and Applications - 18/6/2023


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Designing Biodiversity Management Strategies at the Community Level: Approaches Based on Participatory Action Research

  • Rafael Hernández Maqueda
  • Sandra Paste
  • María del Consuelo Chango
  • Bianca F. Serrano
  • Fernando del Moral

Human Ecology - 1/8/2022


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Effect of temperature on the microwave drying process and the viability of amaranth seeds

  • Moreno Á.H.
  • Aguirre Á.J.
  • Hernández Maqueda R.
  • Jiménez Jiménez G.
  • Torres Miño C.

Biosystems Engineering - 1/03/2022


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Assessment of the impact of an international multidisciplinary intervention project on sustainability at the local level: case study in a community in the Ecuadorian Andes

  • Rafael Hernández Maqueda
  • Isabel Ballesteros Redondo
  • Bianca Serrano Manzano
  • Lourdes Yessenia Cabrera Martinez
  • Patricia Hernández Medina
  • Fernando del Moral Torres

Environment, Development and Sustainability - 1/6/2021


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Sustainability assessment of natural resource management in the yungañan river micro-basin in the ecuadorian andes,Evaluación de la sustentabilidad del manejo de recursos naturales en la microcuenca del río yungañán, en los andes ecuatorianos

  • Jácome, E.
  • Rodríguez, A.
  • Maqueda, R.H.

Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems - 2020


Sustainability assessment of natural resource management in the yungañan river micro-basin in the ecuadorian andes

  • Jácome E.
  • Rodríguez A.
  • Maqueda R.H.

Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems - 1/9/2020

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Estudio de Caso sobre el Empoderamiento con Mujeres en Ecuador: Elementos para una Intervención Socio-Educativa

  • Bianca F. Serrano
  • Lourdes Y. Cabrera
  • Rafael Hernández Maqueda
  • Isabel Ballesteros
  • Fernando Del Moral

Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social - 21/11/2020


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Microwave drying of corn seeds: Effect of temperature on drying time, energy consumption and germination rate

  • Moreno H.
  • Hernández-Maqueda R.
  • Ballesteros I.
  • Torres-Miño C.

AMPERE 2019 - 17th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating - 9/09/2019


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