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Lifting velocity predicts the maximum number of repetitions to failure with comparable accuracy during the Smith machine and free-weight prone bench pull exercises

  • Miras-Moreno S.
  • Pérez-Castilla A.
  • Rojas-Ruiz F.J.
  • García-Ramos A.

Heliyon - 1/9/2023


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Effects of Plyometric Jump Training on the Reactive Strength Index in Healthy Individuals Across the Lifespan: A Systematic Review with Meta-analysis

  • Ramirez-Campillo, Rodrigo
  • Thapa, Rohit K.
  • Afonso, Jose
  • Perez-Castilla, Alejandro
  • Bishop, Chris
  • Byrne, Paul J.
  • Granacher, Urs
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Can we predict long-duration running power output? A matter of selecting the appropriate predicting trials and empirical model

  • Ruiz-Alias S.A.
  • Ñancupil-Andrade A.A.
  • Pérez-Castilla A.
  • García-Pinillos F.

European Journal of Applied Physiology - 1/1/2023


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Running Functional Threshold versus Critical Power: Same concept but different values.

  • Ñancupil-Andrade AA
  • Ruiz-Alias SA
  • Pérez-Castilla A
  • Jaén-Carrillo D
  • García-Pinillos F

International journal of sports medicine - 1/08/2023


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Level of Agreement between the MotionMetrix System and an Optoelectronic Motion Capture System for Walking and Running Gait Measurements

  • Diego Jaén-Carrillo
  • Felipe García-Pinillos
  • Jose Chicano Gutiérrez
  • Alejandro Pérez-Castilla
  • Victor Manuel Soto Hermoso
  • Alejandro Molina-Molina
  • Santiago Alejo Ruiz Alias
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Sensors - 1/05/2023


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Lifting More Than Two Loads Compromises the Magnitude of the Load–Velocity Relationship Variables: Evidence in Two Variants of the Prone Bench Pull Exercise

  • Miras-Moreno, Sergio
  • García-Ramos, Amador
  • Fernandes, John F. T.
  • Pérez Castilla, Alejandro



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Kinetic and Kinematic Assessment of the Band-Assisted Countermovement Jump.

  • Fernandes JFT
  • Arede J
  • Clarke H
  • Garcia-Ramos A
  • Perez-Castilla A
  • Norris JP
  • Wilkins CA
  • Dingley AF
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Journal of strength and conditioning research - 1/02/2023


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Effect of Traditional, Rest Redistribution, and Velocity-Based Prescription on Repeated Sprint Training Performance and Responses in Semiprofessional Athletes.

  • Weakley J
  • Pérez Castilla A
  • García Ramos A
  • Banyard H
  • Thurlow F
  • Edwards T
  • Morrison M
  • McMahon E
  • Owen C
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Journal of strength and conditioning research - 01/2023


Relationship Between the Number of Repetitions in Reserve and Lifting Velocity During the Prone Bench Pull Exercise: An Alternative Approach to Control Proximity-to-Failure

  • Alejandro Pérez-Castilla
  • Sergio Miras-Moreno
  • Jonathon Weakley
  • Amador García-Ramos

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research - 18/01/2023


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Effect of a High-Intensity Handball-Specific Fatigue Protocol Focused on the Leg Contralateral to the Throwing Arm on Interlimb Asymmetries.

  • Janicijevic D
  • Pérez-Castilla A
  • Miras-Moreno S
  • Ortega-Becerra M
  • Morenas-Aguilar MD
  • Smajla D
  • Sarabon N
  • García-Ramos A
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Journal of strength and conditioning research - 1/01/2023


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