Navas Luque, María Soledad Author

The distinctive role of morality in fostering behavioural tendencies of facilitation towards Romanian Roma and immigrants

  • Anna Maria Meneghini
  • Sofia Morandini
  • Maria Sánchez-Castelló
  • Daiana Colledani
  • Lucia López-Rodríguez
  • Marisol Navas

International Journal of Intercultural Relations - 1/05/2023


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Withstanding psychological distress among internally displaced Yazidis in Iraq: 6 years after attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

  • Omar S. Rasheed
  • Lucía López-Rodríguez
  • Marisol Navas

BMC Psychology - 11/11/2022


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Intergroup attitudes and contact between Spanish and immigrant-background adolescents using network analysis

  • Sánchez-Castelló M.
  • Navas M.
  • Rojas A.J.

PloS one - 1/1/2022


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Social Class also Matters: The Effects of Social Class, Ethnicity, and their Interaction on Prejudice and Discrimination Toward Roma

  • Ana Urbiola
  • Marisol Navas
  • Cristina Carmona
  • Guillermo B. Willis

Race and Social Problems - 8/06/2022


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The Way We See Others in Intercultural Relations: The Role of Stereotypes in the Acculturation Preferences of Spanish and Moroccan-Origin Adolescents

  • Ana Urbiola
  • Lucía López-Rodríguez
  • María Sánchez-Castelló
  • Marisol Navas
  • Isabel Cuadrado

Frontiers in Psychology - 11/1/2021


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Awareness of the Psychological Bias of Naïve Realism Can Increase Acceptance of Cultural Differences

  • López-Rodríguez L.
  • Halperin E.
  • Vázquez A.
  • Cuadrado I.
  • Navas M.
  • Gómez Á.

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin - 1/1/2021


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The importance of family in acculturation process of adolescents of Moroccan origin in Spain

  • Blanc A.
  • Navas M.
  • Calderón S.
  • Sánchez-Castelló M.

International Journal of Psychology - 1/1/2021


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Acculturation preferences of Spaniards towards Middle Eastern and Syrian refugees and their relationship with the stereotypical dimension of morality / Preferencias de aculturación de españoles hacia refugiados sirios y de Oriente Medio y su relación con la dimensión estereotípica de moralidad

  • Jorge L. Ordóñez-Carrasco
  • Andrea Blanc
  • Marisol Navas
  • Antonio J. Rojas-Tejada

Revista de Psicologia Social - 2/1/2020


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The psychosocial perspective on immigration: an introduction (La perspectiva psicosocial de la inmigración: una introducción)

  • Marisol Navas

International Journal of Social Psychology - 1/09/2020


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Acculturation and adaptation of adolescents with immigrant backgrounds in Spain: psychosocial profiles of latent classes (Aculturación y adaptación de adolescentes de origen inmigrante en España: perfiles psicosociales de clases latentes)

  • María Sánchez-Castelló
  • Marisol Navas
  • Jorge L. Ordóñez-Carrasco
  • Antonio J. Rojas

International Journal of Social Psychology - 3/08/2020


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