Navas Luque, María Soledad Autor

Withstanding psychological distress among internally displaced Yazidis in Iraq: 6 years after attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

  • Omar S. Rasheed
  • Lucía López-Rodríguez
  • Marisol Navas

BMC Psychology - 11/11/2022


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When is a lie acceptable? Work and private life lying acceptance depends on its beneficiary

  • Cantarero, Katarzyna
  • Szarota, Piotr
  • Stamkou, Eftychia
  • Navas, Marisol
  • Espinosa, Alejandra del Carmen Dominguez



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Variants of biculturalism in migrant and host adolescents living in Italy and Spain: Testing the importance of life domains through the Relative Acculturation Extended Model

  • Mancini T.
  • Navas M.
  • López-Rodríguez L.
  • Bottura B.

International Journal of Psychology - 1/10/2018


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Towards an evaluation of new forms of racial prejudice: The subtle attitudes of racism

  • Rueda J.
  • Navas M.

Revista de Psicologia Social - 1/1/1996


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Tourists have fun, inmigrants work: A description of two social groups through children drawing,'Los turistas se divierten, los inmigrantes trabajan': Una descripción de dos grupos sociales a través del dibujo infantil

  • García M.
  • Navas M.
  • Cuadrado I.

International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy - 1/6/2003

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The Way We See Others in Intercultural Relations: The Role of Stereotypes in the Acculturation Preferences of Spanish and Moroccan-Origin Adolescents

  • Ana Urbiola
  • Lucía López-Rodríguez
  • María Sánchez-Castelló
  • Marisol Navas
  • Isabel Cuadrado

Frontiers in Psychology - 11/1/2021


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The psychosocial perspective on immigration: an introduction (La perspectiva psicosocial de la inmigración: una introducción)

  • Marisol Navas

International Journal of Social Psychology - 1/09/2020


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Open Access

The minority’s perspective: Stereotypes and emotions between immigrant groups

  • Cuadrado I.
  • López-Rodríguez L.
  • Navas M.

Anales de Psicologia - 1/1/2016


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The majority's perceptions about adaptation to the host society of different immigrant groups: The distinct role of warmth and threat

  • Lopez-Rodriguez, Lucia
  • Navas, Marisol
  • Cuadrado, Isabel
  • Coutant, Dawna
  • Worchel, Stephen



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The importance of family in acculturation process of adolescents of Moroccan origin in Spain

  • Blanc A.
  • Navas M.
  • Calderón S.
  • Sánchez-Castelló M.

International Journal of Psychology - 1/04/2022


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