Requena Mullor, Juan Miguel Autor

A methodological approach for integrating human emotions in protected areas management: Insights from SE Spain

  • Enrica Garau
  • Juan M. Requena-Mullor
  • Cristina Quintas-Soriano
  • María D. López-Rodríguez
  • Irene Otamendi-Urroz
  • Mariano Oyarzabal
  • Antonio J. Castro
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Landscape and Urban Planning - 1/4/2024


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Relational values shape people’s connectedness to nature in a former military protected area of Ecuador

  • Christian Oswaldo Asanza-Reyes
  • Antonio J Castro
  • Juan Miguel Requena-Mullor
  • María Dolores López-Rodríguez
  • Cristina Quintas-Soriano

Environmental Conservation - 22/12/2023



Land transformation changes people´s values of ecosystem services in Las Vegas agrarian landscapes of Madrid Spain

  • Pérez-Ramírez I.
  • Requena-Mullor J.M.
  • Castro A.J.
  • García-Llorente M.

Land Use Policy - 1/11/2023


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Forecasting natural regeneration of sagebrush after wildfires using population models and spatial matching

  • Zaiats A.
  • Cattau M.E.
  • Pilliod D.S.
  • Liu R.
  • Requena-Mullor J.M.
  • Caughlin T.T.

Landscape Ecology - 1/1/2023


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Human population growth and accessibility from cities shape rangeland condition in the American West

  • Juan M. Requena-Mullor
  • Jodi Brandt
  • Matthew A. Williamson
  • T. Trevor Caughlin

Landscape and Urban Planning - 1/04/2023


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Tradeoffs in forest resilience to satellite-based estimates of water and productivity losses

  • Juan Miguel Requena-Mullor
  • Juan M. Requena-Mullor
  • Allison Steiner
  • Gretchen Keppel-Aleks
  • Inés Ibáñez

Remote Sensing of Environment - 1/02/2023


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Spatial models can improve the experimental design of field‐based transplant gardens by preventing bias due to neighborhood crowding

  • Andrii Zaiats
  • Juan M. Requena‐Mullor
  • Matthew J. Germino
  • Jennifer S. Forbey
  • Bryce A. Richardson
  • T. Trevor Caughlin

Ecology and Evolution - 12/2022


Open Access

Drone imagery protocols to map vegetation are transferable between dryland sites across an elevational gradient

  • Anna Roser
  • Josh Enterkine
  • Juan M. Requena‐Mullor
  • Nancy F. Glenn
  • Alex Boehm
  • Marie‐Anne de Graaff
  • Patrick E. Clark
  • Fred Pierson
  • T. Trevor Caughlin
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Ecosphere - 28/12/2022


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Intra-specific variation in migration phenology of American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) in response to spring temperatures

  • Powers B.F.
  • Winiarski J.M.
  • Requena-Mullor J.M.
  • Heath J.A.

IBIS - 1/1/2021


Número de citas: 16 (Web of Science)

A framework for assessing coupling and de-coupling trajectories in river social-ecological systems

  • Quintas-Soriano C.
  • Brandt J.
  • Baxter C.V.
  • Bennett E.M.
  • Requena-Mullor J.M.
  • Castro A.J.

Sustainability Science - 1/1/2021


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Ecología del tejón europeo en paisajes áridos mediterráneos. Ecology of the european badger in mediterranean arid landscapes.

  • Juan M. Requena Mullor
  • Hermelindo Castro Nogueira
  • Enrique López Carrique
  • Antonio J. de Castro


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  • Dialnet

Satellite remote sensing of ecosystem functions: Opportunities and challenges for reporting obligations of the EU habitat directive

  • Cabello J.
  • Mairota P.
  • Alcaraz-Segura D.
  • Arenas-Castro S.
  • Escribano P.
  • Leitão P.
  • Martínez-López J.
  • Regos A.
  • Requena-Mullor J.
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International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) - 31/07/2018


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Open Access

Climatic drivers of Verticillium dahliae occurrence in Mediterranean olive-growing areas of southern Spain

  • Juan Miguel Requena-Mullor
  • Jose Manuel García-Garrido
  • Pedro Antonio García
  • Estefanía Rodríguez

PLoS One - 21/04/2020


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