Rincón Cervera, Víctor Jesús Author

Open Access

Volume application rate adapted to the canopy size in greenhouse tomato crops

  • Sanchez-Hermosilla, Julian
  • Paez, Francisco
  • Rincon, Victor J.
  • Perez-Alonso, Jose

Scientia Agricola - 1/11/2013


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Spray performance assessment of a remote-controlled vehicle prototype for pesticide application in greenhouse tomato crops

  • Rincón V.J.
  • Grella M.
  • Marucco P.
  • Alcatrão L.E.
  • Sanchez-Hermosilla J.
  • Balsari P.

Science of The Total Environment - 15/07/2020


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Regulatory groundwater monitoring: Realistic residues of pinoxaden and metabolites at vulnerable locations

  • McManus S.
  • Payvandi S.
  • Sweeney P.
  • Jones N.
  • Andrews R.
  • Schofield D.
  • White J.
  • Hamer P.
  • Langridge G.
  • de Oteyza T.G.
  • Rincón V.J.
  • Dorn R.
  • Bird M.
  • Greener M.
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Science of the Total Environment - 1/1/2020


Cite count: 2 (Web of Science)

Potential dermal exposure to operators applying pesticide on greenhouse crops using low-cost equipment

  • Rincón V.
  • Páez F.
  • Sánchez-Hermosilla J.

Science of the Total Environment - 15/7/2018


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Optimización de la aplicación de fitosanitarios en cultivos bajo abrigo

  • Julián Sánchez-Hermosilla López
  • María Milagros Fernández Fernández
  • Víctor Jesús Rincón Cervera
  • Francisco César Páez Cano

Vida rural - 2013

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Implementation of a low-cost crop detection prototype for selective spraying in greenhouses

  • Páez, F.C.
  • Rincón, V.J.
  • Sánchez-Hermosilla, J.
  • Fernández, M.

Precision Agriculture - 1/12/2017


Cite count: 3 (Web of Science) 2 (Scopus)

Field evaluation of a self-propelled sprayer and effects of the application rate on spray deposition and losses to the ground in greenhouse tomato crops

  • Sánchez-Hermosilla, J.
  • Rincón, V.J.
  • Páez, F.
  • Agüera, F.
  • Carvajal, F.

Pest Management Science - 1/8/2011


Cite count: 43 (Web of Science) 41 (Scopus)

Evaluation of the effect of spray pressure in hand-held sprayers in a greenhouse tomato crop

  • Sánchez-Hermosilla, J.
  • Páez, F.
  • Rincón, V.J.
  • Carvajal, F.

Crop Protection - 1/12/2013


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Open Access

Evaluation of the effect of different hand-held sprayer types on a greenhouse pepper crop

  • Sánchez-Hermosilla J.
  • Rincón V.J.
  • Páez F.C.
  • Pérez-Alonso J.
  • Callejón-Ferre Á.J.

Agriculture (Switzerland) - 1/6/2021


Cite count: 2 (Web of Science)

Evaluation of a fog cooling system for applying plant-protection products in a greenhouse tomato crop

  • Sánchez-Hermosilla, J.
  • Páez, F.
  • Rincón, V.J.
  • Callejón, T.J.

Crop Protection - 1/6/2013


Cite count: 9 (Web of Science) 13 (Scopus)

Análisis y evaluación de las técnicas de aplicación de productos fitosanitarios en cultivos de tomate bajo invernadero

  • Víctor Jesús Rincón Cervera
  • Julián Sánchez-Hermosilla López


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