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Examining the relationships between emotional disorder symptoms in a mixed sample of community adults and patients: A network analysis perspective

  • De la Rosa-Cáceres A.
  • Sayans-Jiménez P.
  • Stasik-O’Brien S.
  • Sanchez-Garcia M.
  • Fernández-Calderón F.
  • Díaz-Batanero C.

Current Psychology - 1/1/2022


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Mental rotation and schizotypal personality traits: A Bayesian approach

  • Ángel García‐Pérez
  • Antonio González‐Rodríguez
  • Marta Godoy‐Giménez
  • Pablo Sayans‐Jiménez
  • Fernando Cañadas
  • Ángeles F. Estévez

Scandinavian Journal of Psychology - 28/09/2022


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Positive contact with working-class people reduces personal contribution to inequality

  • Alexandra Vázquez
  • Pablo Sayans-Jiménez
  • Lucía López-Rodríguez
  • David Lois
  • Hanna Zagefka

Group Processes & Intergroup Relations - 15/07/2022


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Applying a Rasch model to the Broad Autism Phenotype Questionnaire: item severity analysis and differential test functioning of the English and Spanish versions

  • Marta Godoy-Giménez
  • Antonio González-Rodríguez
  • Angeles F. Estévez
  • Fernando Cañadas
  • Pablo Sayans-Jiménez

Current Psychology - 14/03/2022


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Schizotypal personality traits and the social learning of fear

  • González-Rodríguez A.
  • García-Pérez Á.
  • Godoy-Giménez M.
  • Carmona I.
  • Estévez Á.F.
  • Sayans-Jiménez P.
  • Cañadas F.
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Scientific Reports - 1/12/2021


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Is it Possible to Assess the Two-Domain Definition of the Broad Autism Phenotype Using the Available Measurement Tools?

  • M. Godoy-Giménez
  • A. González-Rodríguez
  • F. Cañadas
  • A. F. Estévez
  • P. Sayans-Jiménez

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders - 29/06/2021


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Ideation-to-action framework variables involved in the development of suicidal ideation: A network analysis

  • Jorge L. Ordóñez-Carrasco
  • Pablo Sayans-Jiménez
  • Antonio J. Rojas-Tejada

Current Psychology - 23/04/2021


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Location of International Classification of Diseases–11th Revision and Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, dimensional trait models in the alternative five-factor personality space.

  • Anton Aluja
  • Pablo Sayans-Jiménez
  • Luis F. García
  • Fernando Gutierrez

Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment - 15/10/2020


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Differential outcomes, schizotypy, and improvement of the recognition of emotional facial expressions: A preliminary study

  • González-Rodríguez A.
  • Godoy-Giménez M.
  • Cañadas F.
  • Sayans-Jiménez P.
  • Estévez A.F.

Psicologica - 1/1/2020


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Alternative DSM-5 Model for Personality Disorders Through the Lens of an Empirical Network Model

  • Díaz-Batanero C.
  • Aluja A.
  • Sayans-Jiménez P.
  • Baillés E.
  • Fernández-Calderón F.
  • Peri J.
  • Vall G.
  • Lozano Ó.
  • Gutiérrez F.
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Assessment - 1/1/2020


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Hacia una nueva conceptualización y medición de las actitudes intergrupales basadas en dimensiones estereotípicas Pablo Sayans-Jiménez ; [dirigida por Antonio J. Rojas Tejada, Isabel Cuadrado Guirado]

Hacia una nueva conceptualización y medición de las actitudes intergrupales basadas en dimensiones estereotípicas

  • Pablo Sayans Jiménez
  • Antonio José Rojas Tejada
  • María Isabel Cuadrado Guirado


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Open Access

Creencias inclusivas, percepción de cumplimiento de metas y perfiles del profesorado del Programa ATAL en Almería.

  • Sayans Jiménez, Pablo


El profesorado del programa atal: ¿innovador o tradicional?

  • Antonio José Rojas Tejada
  • Raquel M. Cruz del Pino
  • Moshé Tatar
  • Pablo Sayans Jiménez

Actas del I Congreso Internacional sobre Migraciones en Andalucía - 2011

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Broad Autism Phenotype Questionnaire--Spanish Version

  • Marta Godoy?Giménez
  • Antonio González?Rodríguez
  • Fernando Cañadas
  • Angeles F. Estévez
  • Pablo Sayans?Jiménez

PsycTESTS Dataset - 08/2018



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