Blanc Molina, Andrea Author

Acculturation and Sexual Attitudes: a Systematic Review

  • Blanc A.

Sexuality Research and Social Policy - 1/1/2021


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Acculturation preferences of Spaniards towards Middle Eastern and Syrian refugees and their relationship with the stereotypical dimension of morality

  • Jorge Ordóñez Carrasco
  • Antonio José Rojas Tejada
  • Andrea Blanc Molina
  • Marisol Navas

Revista de Psicologia Social - 2020


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Acculturation preferences of Spaniards towards Middle Eastern and Syrian refugees and their relationship with the stereotypical dimension of morality / Preferencias de aculturacion de espanoles hacia refugiados sirios y de Oriente Medio y su relacion con la dimension estereotipica de moralidad

  • Jorge L. Ordóñez-Carrasco
  • Andrea Blanc
  • Marisol Navas
  • Antonio J. Rojas-Tejada

International Journal of Social Psychology - 2/1/2020


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Assessment of sexual behaviors using the paired-comparisons method in a sample from Spain

  • Blanc Molina, Andrea
  • Rojas Tejada, Antonio Jose

Revista Argentina de Ciencias del Comportamiento - 2017

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Attitudes toward sexual behaviors: relationship with gender and sexual orientation

  • Andrea Blanc

Current Psychology - 1/1/2024


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Attitudes toward sexual behaviours in different ethnocultural groups and their relationship with the acculturation process

  • Molina, Andrea Blanc
  • Tejada, Antonio J. Rojas


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Attitudes Toward Sexual Behaviours Scale

  • Blanc, Andrea
  • Byers, E. Sandra
  • Rojas, Antonio J.

Handbook of Sexuality-related Measures, Edition - 2020

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Open Access

Bridge Nodes between Personality Traits and Alcohol-Use Disorder Criteria: The Relevance of Externalizing Traits of Risk Taking, Callousness, and Irresponsibility

  • Ana De la Rosa-Cáceres
  • Marta Narvaez-Camargo
  • Andrea Blanc-Molina
  • Nehemías Romero-Pérez
  • Daniel Dacosta-Sánchez
  • Bella María González-Ponce
  • Alberto Parrado-González
  • Lidia Torres-Rosado
  • Cinta Mancheño-Velasco
  • Óscar Martín Lozano-Rojas
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Journal of Clinical Medicine - 16/06/2022


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Changes in the Care Activity in Addiction Centers with Dual Pathology Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Cinta Mancheño-Velasco
  • Daniel Dacosta-Sánchez
  • Andrea Blanc-Molina
  • Marta Narvaez-Camargo
  • Óscar Martín Lozano-Rojas

Journal of Clinical Medicine - 26/07/2022


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Comparison of Different Sexual Behaviors According to Sexual Orientation and the Mediating Role of Attitudes toward Sexual Behaviors between Sexual Orientation and Sexual Behaviors in Young Adults

  • Andrea Blanc
  • Carmen Díaz-Batanero
  • Manuel Sánchez-García
  • Daniel Dacosta

International Journal of Sexual Health - 27/03/2023


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Conceptualización y medida de las actitudes hacia comportamientos sexuales en distintos grupos etnoculturales y su relación con el proceso de aculturación

  • Andrea Blanc Molina
  • Antonio José Rojas Tejada


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