Cano García, Francisco Autor


An integrated test of multidimensionality, convergent, discriminant and criterion validity of the course experience questionnaire: an exploratory structural equation modelling

  • Cano F.
  • Pichardo M.C.
  • Berbén A.B.G.
  • Fernández-Cabezas M.

Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education - 1/1/2020


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Open Access

Effect of the EFE-P program on the improvement of executive functions in early childhood education

  • Romero-López M.
  • Pichardo M.C.
  • Justicia-Arráez A.
  • Cano-García F.

Revista de Psicodidactica - 1/1/2020


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Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ) in Spanish adolescents: Factor structure and rasch analysis

  • Pichardo M.
  • Cano F.
  • Garzón-Umerenkova A.
  • de la Fuente J.
  • Peralta-Sánchez F.
  • Amate-Romera J.

Frontiers in Psychology - 10/8/2018


Número de citas: 7 (Web of Science) 8 (Scopus)

Students’ self-worth protection and approaches to learning in higher education: predictors and consequences

  • Cano F.
  • Martin A.
  • Ginns P.
  • Berbén A.

Higher Education - 1/7/2018


Número de citas: 6 (Web of Science) 9 (Scopus)

Science Learning: A path analysis of its links with reading comprehension, question-asking in class and science achievement

  • Cano F.
  • García A.
  • Berbén A.
  • Justicia F.

International Journal of Science Education - 1/1/2014


Número de citas: 7 (Web of Science) 6 (Scopus)
Open Access

The effects of question-generation training on metacognitive knowledge, self regulation and learning approaches in science

  • García F.
  • García A.
  • Berbén A.
  • Pichardo M.
  • Justicia F.

Psicothema - 1/1/2014


Número de citas: 3 (Web of Science) 5 (Scopus) 1 (Dialnet)
Open Access

Learning approaches and reading comprehension: the role of student questioning and prior knowledge

  • Fernando Justicia Justicia
  • Ana Belén García Berbén
  • Ángela García
  • Francisco Cano García

Revista de psicodidáctica - 1/1/2014


Número de citas: 15 (Web of Science) 12 (Scopus) 7 (Dialnet)

University students' achievement goals and approaches to learning in mathematics.

  • Ana Belén García Berbén
  • Francisco Cano García

British journal of educational psychology - 1/03/2009


Número de citas: 41 (Web of Science) 49 (Scopus) 4 (Dialnet)

The Revised Two-Factor Study Process Questionnaire (R-SPQ-2F): Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses at item level

  • Fernando Justicia Justicia
  • María del Carmen Pichardo Martínez
  • Francisco Javier Cano García
  • Ana Belén García Berbén
  • Jesús de la Fuente Arias

European journal of psychology of education - 1/09/2008


Número de citas: 75 (Web of Science) 79 (Scopus) 19 (Dialnet)

The learning approaches and epistemological beliefs of university students: a cross-sectional and longitudinal study

  • Rodriguez, Lourdes
  • Cano, Francisco



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Estrategias y estilo de aprendizaje en la universidad: Un análisis multivariado

  • Francisco Cano García


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