López Chamorro, José María Author

Employee-Athletes: Exploring the Elite Spanish Athletes' Perceptions of Combining Sport and Work

  • Moreno R.
  • Chamorro J.L.
  • López de Subijana C.

Frontiers in Psychology - 23/2/2021


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Exploring dual career in tennis players: Gender and competitive level differences

  • Subijana C.L.d.
  • Pascual E.C.
  • Garcia M.P.
  • Chamorro J.L.

Cultura, Ciencia y Deporte - 1/1/2021


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Perfectionism Patterns, Dark Personality, and Exercise Addiction Trend in High-Intensity Sports

  • González-Hernández J.
  • Baños R.
  • Morquecho-Sánchez R.
  • Pineda-Espejel H.A.
  • Chamorro J.L.

International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction - 1/1/2021


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Fuelling the passion: Psychological needs and behavioural regulations as antecedents of passion for football

  • José L. Chamorro
  • Saul Alcaraz
  • David Sánchez-Oliva
  • Tomás García-Calvo
  • Miquel Torregrossa

Journal of Sports Sciences - 19/03/2021


Open Access

The employability process of spanish retired elite athletes: Gender and sport success comparison

  • de Subijana C.L.
  • Ramos J.
  • Garcia C.
  • Chamorro J.L.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - 1/8/2020


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Understanding physical activity intentions in physical education context: A multi-level analysis from the self-determination theory

  • Sánchez-oliva D.
  • Mouratidis A.
  • Leo F.M.
  • Chamorro J.L.
  • Pulido-gonzález J.J.
  • García-calvo T.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - 1/2/2020


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Analysis of the athletic career and retirement depending on the type of sport: A comparison between individual and team sports

  • de Subijana C.L.
  • Galatti L.
  • Moreno R.
  • Chamorro J.L.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - 2/12/2020


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The Influence of Basic Psychological Needs and Passion in Promoting Elite Young Football Players’ Development

  • Chamorro J.L.
  • Moreno R.
  • García-Calvo T.
  • Torregrossa M.

Frontiers in Psychology - 16/11/2020


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“I never thought i´d drop out of school”. The influence of parents academic history in the development of dual career in the elite athletes

  • Moreno R.
  • Chamorro J.L.
  • De Subijana C.L.

Revista de Psicologia del Deporte - 1/1/2020

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El fútbol dentro del campo y fuera de él: Desafíos en la transición a la élite

  • José L. Chamorro
  • Miquel Torregrosa
  • David Sánchez Oliva
  • Diana Amado

Revista de Psicología del Deporte - 2016


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